Awkward Uncle’s Curiosity Shop


Hi there, and welcome to Awkward Uncle’s Curiosity Shop!

Here, in the SHOP, you will find a selection of products Uncle sells on his aStore.  While the Amazon store is more comprehensive, (and we really recommend that you give it a visit), sometimes it can be overwhelming.  Hence this shop!

Should you decide to take the plunge and visit the aStore, these two categories seem to be the most active at the moment:

1. Auntie’s Bookstore

2. Uncle’s Bookstore

Browse around, read the amusing, (we hope!), product descriptions, and if you feel inclined to purchase an item or two, we appreciate your business!



*** NOTE: Prices on Amazon, as they are set by a myriad of sellers, are subject to rapid, capricious change.  We do our best to keep the prices we show on this website up-to-date, but they may differ from what you actually see on Amazon. ***